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Important Message

Automated Clearning House Receivables

Automated Clearning House (ACH) Receivables

Simplify your collection processes and cash management.

Take advantage of Automated Clearing House (ACH) efficiency to speed collection of clients remittances, dues, charitable contributions and other payments. Associated Connect® gives you secure, convenient 24/7/365 online access.

Did you know ?

The ACH network is a system that batches financial transactions together and processes them at intervals throughout the day. Business clients can originate a direct deposit or payment using the ACH network. NACHA, the Electronic Payments Association oversees these transactions, which can include payroll direct deposit, government benefits and mortgage payments as well as B2B payments.

Features and benefits
Simplify high-volume remittances
Collect payments on schedule with preauthorized automatic debits from client account
Gather deposits from multiple financial institutions into your Associated Bank account using ACH cash concentration

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