Interest Rate Derivatives

Managing Interest Rate Risk

Interest rate swaps and related derivatives give your organization an efficient way to achieve a fixed rate on commercial loans. Other hedging products offer additional ways to manage interest rate risk.

Associated Bank has executed more than $2 billion in interest rate hedges, and provides a wide range of risk management products, including swaps, caps and collars against multiple rate indexes.

Protect against interest rate fluctuations, add flexibility to your debt financing and better manage cash flows, using the most appropriate financial derivatives.

Rate Swaps

Exchange interest payments with Associated Bank to get a more desirable rate.

Rate Caps

Specify your maximum interest payment while still taking advantage of any fall in interest rates.

Interest Rate Collars

Protect against interest rate volatility, paying less than you would for an interest rate cap.

Interest Rate Corridors

Take a long and a short position on interest rate caps, protecting against volatility and ultimately reducing the premium you pay for the interest rate corridor structure.

Hedging Products

Use specialized derivatives to increase the certainty of cash flows and contain potential costs.

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