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Foreign Exchange

Thinking Outside the Dollar

Gain an edge in international markets with foreign currency exchange services from Associated Bank. We give you the tools to conduct business and manage currency exchange risk to your advantage.

FX Manager: Secure Online Access

FX Manager, our state-of-the-art online processing system, makes it easy for you to:

  • Monitor exchange rates with real-time quotes
  • Transact spot/forward/swaps in more than 100 currency pairs
  • Make direct currency payments or split payments among multiple payees
Sign in to FX Manager through , your single point of access point to your treasury management and foreign exchange services.

Currency Services: International Market Support

Buy, sell or convert foreign currencies, participate in international markets and help reduce exchange rate risk with currency hedging instruments, all through Associated Bank. Our foreign currency exchange services include:

  • Foreign currency remittances
  • Wire transfers and international drafts
  • Spot contracts
  • Forward contracts
  • Swap transactions
  • Cross currency transactions
  • Watch orders
  • Foreign currency options
Maximize opportunities and minimize risk with our foreign exchange expertise:
  • Identify your organization’s foreign exchange exposures
  • Implement currency hedging strategies to minimize exchange rate impact on your bottom line
  • Increase competitiveness by buying and selling in local currency

Call your Relationship Manager to find out how you can increase your profit in international markets today.

Foreign Denominated Drafts

Pay overseas trade partners in their currency, using foreign denominated drafts.

Foreign Denominated Wires

Execute international wire transfers in any of 100 currencies, using foreign denominated wires.


Knowledge Center

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