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We offer sophisticated solutions to fight fraud.

fraud protection

Fraud is an issue that impacts commercial banking clients on a daily basis. Associated Bank’s fraud prevention products assist in preventing fraud before it occurs while providing you with information and tools to detect and stop fraud at the time of occurrence.

Did you know ?

Checks are the leading source for payment fraud. Let us provide you with the solutions that will prevent check fraud from occurring before it happens.

Associated Bank's fraud protection solutions help you tighten financial controls, identify fraudulent items before they're paid and cut administrative time and costs. Learn more about what your organization can do to prevent fraud by downloading Associated Bank’s white paper on fraud.

Protect ACH transactions

With billions of ACH transactions initiated each year, ACH fraud continues to grow, and under National Automated Clearing House Association rules, businesses have only 24 hours to return fraudulent business-to-business ACH transactions.

  • Use Associated Bank’s ACH Filter to limit ACH debit transactions to the parties you authorize, within the dollar limits you designate.
  • Use the ACH Block service to safeguard your accounts from unauthorized electronic ACH debit fraud.

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