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Fraud Protection

Fight payments fraud with our advanced, cost-effective business fraud protection services.

Attempts at fraudulent check and automated clearing house (ACH) transactions continue to be persistent problems businesses face each and every day, making ACH fraud protection and check fraud protection more important than ever.

As banking processes become more sophisticated, so do the attempts at those fraudulent transactions. Associated Bank stays on top of these threats, and offers you and your business effective and economical fraud prevention tools.

Powerful technology tools

Positive Pay

Identify discrepancies in check numbers and dollar amounts as items are presented to your account. Positive Pay helps identify potential fraudulent checks and lets you make "pay" or "no pay" decisions online.

ACH Filter

Help prevent fraud on your accounts with filters that identify unauthorized ACH transactions before they even post.

Check Block and ACH Block

Protect the money in your business accounts. Put a stop to fraudulent checks and ACH debit transactions.

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