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Important Message

Fixed Rate Mortgages

Peace of mind over the life of the loan.

With a fixed interest rate, your mortgage payment will be predictable. This makes for easier budgeting and long-term planning.

Predictability makes for good budgeting. And with a mortgage payment that remains consistent, you can factor in other priorities. Like college tuition savings, home improvement and the surprise new furnace you hadn’t figured into your budget. These "oops" moments happen, but a fixed rate mortgage gives you peace of mind.

Associated has designed a host of great benefits:

  • Consistency: the interest rate never increases
  • Flexible loan terms
  • Preferred rates and discounts on Associated services, like CD’s, checking and money market accounts

Apply today or learn more about the mortgage that makes monthly budgeting and long-term financial planning easier. Call us at 866-536-3222 or visit a branch location near you today.



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