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Receivables and Cash Flow Management


Let us help you design a receivables system that optimizes use of technology.


Improve your cash flow management

Collecting funds in a timely manner improves cash flow management and availability. We have the systems available to help you simplify your receivables processing. Let Associated Bank help you design a receivables system that optimizes the use of technology, based on the way your business receives payments

Benefit from

ACH Receivables

Efficiency to speed collection of customer remittances, dues, charitable contributions and other payments. Associated Connect® gives you secure, convenient 24/7/365 online access.

Image Cash Letter

Streamlines check processing by imaging paper items.

Lockbox Services

A convenient way to improve the efficiency of collecting and posting receivables.

Merchant Services

Provides high-quality, high-value, low-cost merchant processing for all major credit, debit and stored-valued cards, as well as checks.

Remote Deposit

Improves availability of funds by extending your deposit cut-off times for same-day credit. Enjoy online access through Associated Connect®.

Vault Services

Order cash 24 hours a day and up to 14 days in advance of your scheduled delivery date.

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