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ACH Payments Service

ACH Payments

Create payments quickly and securely.

Cost-efficient disbursement

Streamline your payment processing by using Associated Bank’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) services. Reduce errors, risk of fraud, decrease payment-processing time and cost and improve cash forecasting by utilizing electronic payments.

ACH makes online transactions quick and easy

The ACH network is a system that batches financial transactions together and processes them at intervals throughout the day. Both individuals and corporations can originate a direct deposit or payment using the ACH network.

Did you know ?

NACHA, the Electronic Payments Association oversees these transactions, which can include payroll direct deposit, and government benefits, as well as B2B payments.

Web-based payables management

With Associated Bank’s Associated Connect® you can manage ACH payables online with maximum flexibility. Set security levels by user, department, account and function.

Direct transmission

Our customer-focused ACH team works with your staff to convert check-based disbursement programs and set up PC-based transmissions to move your payment files through the ACH clearing system.

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