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Current Trends in Employer Health Benefits

Healthcare and employer-sponsored health insurance continue to be hot topics for employers and employees alike. Bret McKitrick delves into some of the trends in employer health benefits.

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Bret McKitrick Headshot

Bret McKitrick

Senior HR Consultant

Through corporate training and one-to-one counseling, Bret works with business leaders and HR professionals to provide clear understanding of the laws and regulations governing all aspects of the employer-employee relationship. Bret leads decision-makers through strategic planning to respond to the obligations and opportunities created under healthcare reform, while encouraging anticipatory compliance adhering to rules of taxation and ERISA. His expertise in transitioning benefits and HR policies through mergers and acquisitions prove valuable to maintaining a smooth changeover for purchasing organizations and their new employees.

Recognizing the impact post-employment liabilities have on public entities, Bret works with municipalities, counties and school districts to create attractive and cost-effective recruitment and retention strategies. Bret holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Kentucky and a Juris Doctor from the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. He is licensed to practice law in Wisconsin and West Virginia. Bret is a frequent speaker in areas of: ACA, ERISA, COBRA, HIPAA, ADA, FMLA, FLSA, 401(k)/403(b) compliance, payroll and federal taxation


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