Important Message
Important Message

What We Do For You

Steps We Have Taken to Safeguard Your Online Account

  • Strong encryption
    This means that all data sent or received is scrambled while travelling between our systems and your computer, making your information very secure. You should use a modern, updated browser to ensure compatibility.
  • Secure sign on
    When you register, you select a user name, Password, Truestamp image (and phrase), and Challenge Questions. After initial registration, each time you sign on you will be required to type your user name and password, and validate the image and phrase you selected are correct. From time to time, you may also be required to answer your challenge questions.
  • Time out period
    If your online banking session is inactive for 15 minutes, then a time-out function is triggered to help protect you against unauthorized access.
  • Account lock-out
    If you (or someone else) attempts to log into your online account too many times with an incorrect password, online access to your account is suspended until it is unlocked by Customer Care. This is to ensure no one can guess your password and gain unauthorized access to your account.
  • Detailed information
    Your online account information incorporates detailed information about use, including the last time it was used.
  • System protection
    Associated uses advanced firewalls and other security technologies to ensure the continued safety and security of our systems.

Steps We Have Taken to Safeguard Your Mobile Banking Account

  • Strong encryption for communication
    This means that all data sent or received is scrambled while travelling between our systems and your mobile device, making your information very secure.
  • Stored sensitive information
    No personal, confidential information is stored on your mobile device. This is to keep your information safe if your mobile device is lost or stolen.
  • Scaled functionality
    Essential banking needs are enabled on your mobile device, but certain functions (like new bill payees) require you to use the full featured online banking system.

Steps We Have Taken to Safeguard Your Credit Card and Debit Card Accounts

  • $0 Liability for unauthorized charges
    You won’t pay for unauthorized charges made to your Associated Bank Visa® card or Mastercard® debit card. Some exclusions apply. See Bank Deposit Disclosures for Consumers and your cardholder agreement for details.
  • Fraud early warning
    If we detect unusual activity on your credit or debit card, such as out-of-state charges or an expensive purchase, we may contact you to verify the charges.
  • Account visibility
    Your detailed credit card activity is easily accessible and integrated into the same online banking portal you use for all your other accounts. It’s easy to keep an eye on your transactions.

Circumstances Under Which We Will Contact You

Associated’s various business departments or authorized 3rd parties may use certain personal information about you (in accordance with our Privacy Policy ), and contact you from time to time to discuss account related activities and opportunities (subject to opt-out requirements). Associated’s representatives may contact you via phone, email or other methods.

  • Confidential account information
    For your protection, you should be aware that Associated will not request the following information of you under any circumstances:
    • Credit card or debit card PIN
    • Account passwords
    • Personal email password(s)
  • Uninitiated communication
    Associated’s representatives will not request the following information of you via uninitiated communication (you did not initiate the contact):
    • Credit card or debit card number
    • Credit/debit card verification codes
    • Account number or details

If you have released any information improperly or believe you may have compromised account information, please immediately report it to Customer Care at 800-682-4989. You may also use the reporting fraud link on this site.

Additional Services That Enhance Your Security

  • Message Center
    Get account-related questions answered securely and privately through the Message Center. Important, updated information will be sent to you here as well.
  • eStatements
    Enrolling in this free service reduces your paper trail and eliminates the risk that your statement will be lost or stolen from the mail.
  • Alerting Service
    A wide variety of customizable alerts and updates can be delivered to your cell phone or email address. These alerts can help flag suspicious activity in your account and keep you up to date about account changes. Please visit your personal online banking portal to activate and customize settings.
  • Business customers
    Associated’s business customers have additional authentication and security measures available to them. Business customers should contact their designated Relationship Manager to evaluate and apply the appropriate security measures for their organization.
  • Secure mail
    Associated has a system (used under certain circumstances) that provides a highly secure method for email communication between Associated Bank employees and external recipients. If you receive such messages (you will be notified first), follow these procedures to retrieve them.

Associated Mobile Banking® is available for personal accounts. Associated Bank does not charge a fee to use our mobile banking and text banking services. Message and data rates may apply. Check your carrier plan for details.




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