Recent Scams

Have you received a strange phone call, email, or text message? Compare what you know with these recent scams. Visit this page often to see what current scams look like. Contact Associated Bank if you feel you may have been a victim of these or other scams.

Fake Technical Support

Make yourself aware of a scam where people claiming to be Microsoft employees call to alert you to a virus issue or a variety of problems with your computer.


Hear a sample of a fraudulent phone call that targeted Associated Bank’s customers.


Go here to see examples of recent phishing emails that have targeted Associated Bank.


See an example of a fraudulent text messages that targeted Associated Bank customers, and listen to an actual fraud attempt.


Malware can infect computers, and is commonly used to steal personal information. See an example of what malware may look like when it targets your use of online banking.


Spam is a term for unwanted, unwelcome, and potentially dangerous email. See examples of spam that are used to deliver security threats to customers.

Invoice Scams

Fake invoice scams happen when fraudsters send an invoice or bill to a company, requesting payment for goods or services. Find out how to identify these types of scams.

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