There are many things you should do to reduce your overall risk of becoming a victim of scams or fraud. Associated Bank recommends these steps to keep you safer online and offline.

Top ten things consumers can do to avoid fraud.

Top ten things businesses can do to avoid fraud.

User ID & Password

Your userID and password are valuable. You should protect them as you would other very important pieces of information. A few common sense steps can prevent serious issues from occurring.

Strong Passwords

Passwords access to your accounts. For your safety, keep them safe, secure and strong. Treat this information like cash.

Security Questions

Security questions help validate who you are. Keeping this information private is as important as your username and password.


Firewalls help keep your computer from being attacked from the Internet. Understand how they can protect you.


Keep your software up to date. Patching fixes software flaws that may risk the confidentiality of your computer system.

Security Software

Security software is one essential step in protecting your computer from malicious software and attack. Understand how this is used to protect you.

Computer Physical Security

Your computer's software may be protected, but your information can still be at risk if your computer is stolen or lost. Understand how to keep your stored information safe.


Many people use wireless networks for convenience and flexibility. Use secure wireless networks wisely to protect your information.

Identity Theft

Identity theft is a serious crime that can take years to recover from. Get tips on how to safeguard your information. A few simple steps can prevent you from becoming a victim.

My Credit Report

Understand the importance of your credit report, and how to monitor it for unusual activity.

Windows XP® Support

Microsoft ended support of Windows XP® on April 8, 2014.

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