Anonymizing Online Privacy Services

Some Internet users choose to use services that intend to enable online anonymity by “anonymizing” or masking their network communication to the Internet. This can be done by using specialty software, such as TOR or other online services.

These services provide a degree of anonymity, but generally do not assure security for consumers using secure financial services. In fact, using these services with your online banking account can increase your risk of online account takeover, due to many factors beyond your control.

If you choose to use these services, you should avoid using them with your online financial service accounts, like online banking. Keep in mind that the bank knows your identity once you log in, so these services do not provide the intended value for online banking.

Associated takes your security seriously, using strong encryption and other protections for your account and personal information. Secure Sockets Layer encryption ensures industry standard, strong encryption for your online activities.

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