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Tax considerations can drive investment decisions and retirement savings strategies. Here, you'll find articles and tools covering different tax issues shared by savers and investors.

Mutual Funds and Taxes

A look at potential tax consequences of mutual fund investing, including the calculation of cost basis for capital gains.

The Alternative Minimum Tax

When first proposed, the alternative minimum tax (AMT) was designed as a tax for "the wealthy." Yet today, more and more people find themselves liable for the tax due to growing incomes and targeted applicability. This article examines the AMT and identifies ways to potentially minimize or avoid it.

Five Strategies for Tax-Efficient Investing

One area of investing that is often overlooked is the effect of taxes on a portfolio. This article shows you how to improve your portfolio’s bottom line through tax-efficient investing.

Keeping Up With Your IRA

The onset of the April 15 tax-filing deadline is an ideal time for Americans to enhance or create the IRA strategy they will depend on to provide financial security in retirement. This article provides an action-oriented checklist of considerations designed to help you make the most of IRA opportunities.

Tax Changes

Federal tax legislation enacted in recent years has created many potential savings opportunities for taxpayers. This article provides a general overview of the changes.

Shielding Retirement Assets From Taxes

The retirement assets you’ve worked so hard to accumulate will be depleted by taxes once distributions begin. Fortunately, there are a number of strategies that can reduce taxes for you and your heirs.

The Benefits of Tax-Deferred Compounding

Tax-deferred retirement savings vehicles may give you the edge you need to pursue your financial goals. They allow you to delay taxes, leaving more of your money invested. Take a look at the difference that could make over time with this interactive chart.

Taxable-Equivalent Yield

Calculates the taxable equivalent of a series of yields based on the user's tax rates.

After-Tax Return

View the historical after-tax rate of return for different asset classes, based on an individual's tax rate.

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