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Read about asset allocation and other time-proven investing strategies, while tapping into tools that will help you form and manage a personal investment portfolio.

Asset Allocation: A Sound Investment Strategy

Asset allocation is the single most important determinant of long-term returns. This report includes sample asset allocations and describes characteristics of different asset classes.

Focus on Time in the Market, Not Market Timing

Market timing is the practice of moving in and out of the market in an attempt to boost returns. This article looks at the potential risks of market timing versus a buy-and-hold investment strategy.

Growth vs. Value: Two Approaches to Stock Investing

Two fundamentally different methods of choosing stocks can help add diversity to your portfolio.

How to Choose a Mutual Fund

Choosing from thousands of mutual funds can be confusing. Here’s a comprehensive guide.

Investing in Stocks

What are stocks? How can individuals participate in the stock market? This report provides basic information to help potential investors understand the how and why of stock investments.

Investment Risk – Don’t Avoid It, Manage It

Investing entails some degree of risk, but if fear of risk is driving your investment decisions, you could be reducing the potential of your portfolio. Learn about the different types of investment risk and the steps you can take to minimize them.

Diversifying Your Investments

Did you know you may be able to reduce risk in your investment portfolio by spreading your money among different types of securities? Learn more about the potential benefit of not having all your eggs in one basket with this insightful animated chart.

Historical Returns

Calculates the historical returns for a hypothetical portfolio.

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