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Estate Planning

Access articles and tools that will help you formulate an estate plan - with information on wills, trusts, charitable giving, estate tax and other important estate planning considerations.

Estate Planning Checklist

Is your estate plan up-to-date? Use this checklist to pinpoint potential shortcomings.

Protect Your Assets With a Trust

Trusts can help ensure that your assets are put to work according to your wishes. They can also help reduce estate taxes.

What You Need to Know About Your Will

Everyone needs a will. This report describes different types of wills and some things to consider when you have yours drafted.

Helping to Care for Aging Parents

Tips on helping elderly parents find resources and assistance, as well as information you can use to make sure they have adequate financial counseling to help protect their assets.

Bring Charitable Giving Into Your Estate Plan

Charitable remainder trusts are a tool to donate appreciated assets while generating current income.

Transferring Wealth With Multigenerational IRAs

A so-called stretch IRA is an easy way for Americans to transfer accumulated wealth to younger beneficiaries and simultaneously maintain the account’s benefit of tax deferral for an extended period of time. This article provides an overview of stretch IRA strategies as well as specific considerations for those contemplating a multigenerational IRA.

Estate Planning Basics

This tutorial is aimed at individuals who seek to establish an estate plan and need to understand the fundamental tools and available options in planning an estate. The module reviews planning tools such as wills and different types of trusts, and also touches on estate taxes. Also covered are beneficiary designations, probate issues, executors, and conservatorships.

Estate Tax

Calculates the expected taxes due on an estate.

After-Tax Return

View the historical after-tax rate of return for different asset classes, based on an individual's tax rate.

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