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Auto Financing

Buying a car? These articles and tools consider the different financing options available and how they will impact your financial situation.

Buying a New or Used Car

Is a car purchase in your future? This report will explain how to shop for the best value and get the most for your current car.

Financing a New Car

Many people dream of owning a new car. However, one of the biggest stumbling blocks is the cost of today’s vehicles. Read this report to learn about automobile financing, especially before visiting a dealer’s showroom.

Managing Debt and Credit

Avoiding credit card overload increases your opportunities to save and invest for important goals.

Saving Strategies: Buying vs. Leasing a Car

Leasing is a popular but expensive route to driving away with the car of your dreams. This report covers the ins and outs of leases and provides sources of information to evaluate a lease.

Saving for a Sunny Day

Most articles about college planning focus on advice for parents. But what about the child who plans to attend college? Although most young people don’t have the assets for college savings, being part of the planning process can be educational.

Managing Debt and Credit Tutorial

This tutorial aims to help users control their use of credit by educating them on the different types and uses of credit. It also reviews different tools for managing credit as well as strategies for paying down debt.

Weighing the Advantages of Buying vs. Leasing

For business owners, the decision to buy or lease equipment is one that can have significant short- and long-term financial consequences. For example, purchasing a van may involve more upfront expenses than leasing one, but you may eventually be able to recoup some of those costs by reselling the vehicle in the future. This dynamic chart will help you understand the cash flow implications of both strategies.

Cost of Debt Calculator

What is the true cost of an installment loan (such as a car loan)? This calculator will help you estimate your payments and total overall cost for an installment loan.

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