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Health Savings Account Investments

Investing Your HSA Money

While your HSA money may earn interest in the deposit account, you can increase your earnings potential by investing that money. Once you have at least $500 in your HSA, you can choose from a variety of mutual funds offered through Associated Trust Company.

Health Savings Account Investment Funds List

You can choose to invest the money you contribute to your HSA in one or more of the following no-load mutual funds. To learn about specific fund companies, click on the links that follow the fund list. You can change your investment selection at any time with no transaction costs.

Name Asset Class Ticker Symbol
Goldman Sachs FS Prime Obligations FST Money Market FPOXX
T Rowe Price Short Term Bond Short-Term Bond PRWBX
American Funds Bond Fund Of America F2 Intermediate-Term Bond ABNFX
PIMCO Total Return INSTL Intermediate-Term Bond PTTRX
Templeton Global Bond Adv World Bond TGBAX
Franklin Income ADV Conservative Allocation FRIAX
American Funds American Balanced F2 Moderate Allocation AMBFX
Vanguard 500 Index Admiral Large Blend VFIAX
American Funds Growth Fund of America F2 Large Growth GFFFX
American Funds Washington Mutual F2 Large Value WMFFX
Goldman Sachs Growth Opportunities INSTL Mid Cap Growth GGOIX
T. Rowe Price Equity Income Large Value PRFDX
Wasatch Small-Cap Growth Small Growth WAAEX
Goldman Sachs Small-Cap Value INSTL Small Blend GSSIX
American Funds EuroPacific Growth F2 Foreign Large Blend AEPFX
American Funds New World F2 Diversified Emerging Markets NFFFX
RidgeWorth Mid-Cap Value Equity I Mid-Cap Value SMVTX
Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Adm Intermediate Term-Bond VBTLX
Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Adm Large Blend VTSAX
Vanguard Mid-Cap Index Adm Mid-Cap Blend VIMAX
Vanguard Small-Cap Index Adm Small Blend VSMAX
Vanguard REIT Index Adm Real Estate VGSLX
Vanguard Total International Stock Index Adm Foreign Large Blend VTIAX
Vanguard Emerging Markets Stock Index Adm Diversified Emerging Markets VEMAX
Vanguard Target Retirement 2015 Inv Target Date 2011 – 2015 VTXVX
Vanguard Target Retirement 2020 Inv Target Date 2016 – 2020 VTWNX
Vanguard Target Retirement 2025 Inv Target Date 2021 – 2025 VTTVX
Vanguard Target Retirement 2030 Inv Target Date 2026 – 2030 VTHRX
Vanguard Target Retirement 2035 Inv Target Date 2031 – 2035 VTTHX
Vanguard Target Retirement 2040 Inv Target Date 2036 – 2040 VFORX
Vanguard Target Retirement 2045 Inv Target Date 2041 – 2045 VTIVX
Vanguard Target Retirement 2050 Inv Target Date 2046 – 2050 VFIFX
Vanguard Target Retirement 2055 Inv Target Date 2051 – 2055 VFFVX
Vanguard Target Retirement Income Invv Retirement Income VTINX

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American Funds | Goldman Sachs | T. Rowe Price | PIMCO | Ridgeworth | Templeton | Franklin | Vanguard | Wasatch

Health Savings Investment Account - Initial Enrollment Form

Enrollment forms for new investors will not be accepted between 7/14/2017 and 8/14/2017 as we convert to our new HSA Plus online portals.

Health Savings Investment Account - Transfer Form

Transfer funds between your existing HSA Investment Account and your HSA Checking Account. (Do not use this form to open an HSA Investment Account.)

Please sign this form and return to Associated Bank using one of the following methods:

  • Faxing to Associated Bank at 920-727-5312
  • Mailing to Associated Bank, Attn: HSA/RPS Support, P.O. Box 1007, Neenah, WI 54957-1007 Mail Stop 7116
  • Emailing to Associated Bank. Please contact Customer Care at 800-431-4649 and request a secure email. If this is the first secure email from Associated Bank, open the attachment and register as a new user. Once registered, open the attachment and reply, attaching your form.

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