Important Message
Important Message

42 Month CD

Enjoy the stability that comes with a standard Fixed Rate CD from Associated Bank. Once your balance is over $5,000, you can have accrued interest transferred to another Associated Bank account whenever you choose. Open your Fixed Rate CD account with $5,000 or more today.

Minimum Opening Deposit $5,000
Additional deposits
Not permitted
Interest credited & compounded
At maturity quarterly
You may choose to have your interest payment transferred to another Associated account or issued by check if your CD account balance is $5,000 or more.
Certificate renewal
Automatically renews to a 36-month CD unless closed during the 10-calendar-day grace period after the maturity date.
Grace period
The account owner has ten (10) calendar days after maturity to withdraw the funds without penalty. Interest is not paid during the grace period unless the funds from this Certificate of Deposit are deposited into another Associated Bank Certificate of Deposit.
Early withdrawal penalty
365 days simple interest
Apply today! For current CD interest rates or to open a Fixed Rate CD, call 800-236-8866 or stop in at a branch location near you and work with one of our experienced personal bankers now.



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Associated Money Market

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