Great CD Rates. Great Personal Investment.

Certificates of deposit guarantee a fixed rate of return over a set time. Associated Bank offers CDs with terms from 30 days to 60 months, useful for both short and long-term investing. To maximize return, you can “ladder” several CDs, staggering the terms to make cash available as you need it. And you’re assured of FDIC insurance, up to the full legal limit.

Fixed Rate CD

Our standard Fixed Rate CD offers terms from three months to 60 months, with a minimum opening deposit of $1,000. You can have accrued interest added back to the CD, paid out to you, or deposited in another Associated Bank account.

Fixed Rate Add-On CD

Enjoy the guarantee of a fixed rate, plus the flexibility of adding to your account. Open this 12-month CD with $100, and make additional deposits any time. Interest is compounded quarterly.

Fixed Rate Mini Jumbo CD

Put a large amount of cash to work for a short time, and know exactly what you’ll earn. A Fixed Rate Mini Jumbo CD has a term of just 30 days, with a minimum $40,000 opening deposit. The interest can be transferred to any of your other personal Associated Bank accounts.

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