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Trust & Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Control the transfer of your wealth and preserve what you’ve worked hard to accumulate. Associated Private Client Services offers comprehensive estate planning services, working closely with you, your attorney and your accountant to help you:

  • Choose your personal representative
  • Establish charitable gifts and bequests
  • Make provisions for disabled heirs
  • Nominate guardians
  • Avoid probate
  • Minimize taxes and reduce the cost of estate settlement

We make sure all the elements of your plan are in place—a will and living will, financial and healthcare power of attorney, gifting strategies and beneficiary designation.

Learn more about formulating an estate plan.

Estate Planning Checklist

Understand the basics of an estate plan.

Trust and Investment Management Disclosures

Trust Administration

Manage investments, provide income for loved ones or pass along assets and property through a trust arrangement overseen by Associated Private Client Services. Our knowledgeable personal trust relationship managers can also guide you through estate settlement, providing knowledgeable assistance at every step. Additional services from Associated Private Client Services help preserve and protect assets in a variety of situations—with the convenience of online account management.

  • Guardianship Services - provide the benefits of professional management for a minor or an incapacitated person unable to make competent decisions. Associated’s guardianship services put objective, experienced professionals to work on the account beneficiary’s behalf.
  • Escrow Services - designate Associated as a neutral third party to oversee the transfer or exchange of money or property. We offer escrow accounts to hold deeds, titles and other documents until conditions are fulfilled, or hold funds involved in private or business transactions. Our professional’s process payments, maintain records and handle IRS filings as required.
  • Philanthropic Services - create a charitable giving program to meet your philanthropic aims, complement your wealth management strategy and maximize the power of your gifts. Associated Private Client Services works with you and your advisors to design and administer your program.
  • Custodial Services - set yourself free from day-to-day financial recordkeeping and portfolio management. Our custody account and recordkeeping services can handle everything from managing your investment portfolio to paying bills and filing medical insurance forms. Let us tailor our services to your needs.
  • Elder Care Financial Services - support an aging parent, grandparent or other loved one with Elder Care services from Associated. Our program offers customized financial management services to simplify daily financial tasks and decisions. It’s ideal for anyone who wants or needs assistance with money management and recordkeeping.

Get peace of mind with professionals who can help you navigate the complexities of trust and estate administration to reach your goals. Call your relationship manager today, or visit the location nearest you.

Online Account Access

Your online account access - Associated Portfolio Online (APO) - is a real-time Internet resource for clients, allowing authorized users to view their trust and investment accounts in great detail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For assistance with your sign-in, please contact your Private Client Services relationship manager or call Customer Care at 800-431-4649.

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Go Paperless

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