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Associated Escrow Services

Relieve the administrative burden of maintaining multiple separate escrow accounts with Associated Escrow Services. Designed to streamline the management and administration of escrow funds, Associated Escrow Services allows you to maintain a single control account with unlimited individual subaccounts.

Supports a Broad Range of Escrow Types

  • Real estate, property management and title companies
  • Law firms
  • Other special purpose requirements

Segregate and Safeguard Escrow Funds

  • Specifically designed to support requirements that prohibit combining of funds
  • Subaccounts titled in the individual’s or organization’s name, with the escrow agent retaining control over the funds as the fiduciary
  • Flexibility to choose from interest-bearing or noninterest-bearing subaccounts
  • Each subaccount is FDIC-insured up to applicable limits1

Simplify the Management of Escrow Funds

  • Single consolidated monthly statement with comprehensive reporting on the transaction activity for the control account and each subaccount
  • Seven years of account documentation available
  • Convenient online access to view subaccounts
  • Ease of transfer from subaccount to escrow agent’s control account
  • 1099-INT tax statements prepared and mailed directly to each subaccount beneficiary

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1The FDIC website at allows you to determine the amount of your deposits which are insured. Alternatively, you can call the FDIC directly at 877-ASK-FDIC (877-275-3342) for more information.

Deposit products are offered by Associated Bank, N.A., Member FDIC. See the Deposit Account Agreement, Master Signature Card, Private Banking Escrow Services Fee Schedule and the Consumer Interest Rate Sheet for additional account disclosures.


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