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Online Bill Pay

Online Bill Pay

The modern way to manage money

Take control! Pay all your bills in one place with one password—with the confidence that comes with our on-time payment guarantee.1

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Current Online Banking users

Sign in to Online Banking and click the "Pay Bills" tab to get started.

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Click below to set up online banking; then select the "Pay Bills" tab to begin using online bill pay.

Online bill pay2 benefits

Easily pay your bills anytime, anywhere.
Intuitive controls for touch screens.
Personal financial management tools for easier budgeting and savings strategies.
Need to make a payment quickly? Use our optional same-day bill pay and overnight check payment services.
Receive eBills (electronic copies of your bills) online.
Avoid late fees—sign up for automatic payments or email reminders of upcoming payments.
Bill pay in a snap—using your smartphone camera.
Extra-strength, multi-level security.

How much can you save with online bill pay?

The more often you use online bill pay, the easier your banking can be. And with no stamps to buy, you'll even save a little money each month. Calculate how much time and money you can save with online bill pay.

Enter the number of bills you pay in a month >>
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  Cash Savings* Time Savings**
Cost per bill $ Minutes
Savings per month $ Minutes
Savings per year $ Hours
Savings in 5 years $ Hours
Savings in 10 years $ Days

* Cost of a first-class stamp. Does not include cost of envelopes or checks.
** Source: CheckFree Annual Consumer Survey

Frequently Asked Questions

Online, Mobile and Electronic Banking Service Terms and Conditions

1. On-time payment guarantee applies to payments made four days in advance. See Online, Mobile and Electronic Banking Service Terms and Conditions for details.

2. Our standard bill payment service, found within online and mobile banking, is free, up to your available balance. Some add-on services within the standard bill payment service have service charges. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions of the Bill Payment Service and the Consumer Deposit Account Fee Schedule for details.

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