Important Message
Important Message

Text Banking Commands

All it takes to activate your device is a simple text message with one of the commands that we provide. Make sure you are an Associated Bank Mobile* user; it’s the best way to manage your accounts on your terms.

Once you activate your device for Associated Bank Mobile you automatically have access to text banking, simply send a text message with one of the following commands to 222246 (ABC2GO). Message and data rates may apply.

BAL Balance Inquiry - Returns a list of your registered account nicknames and balances.

Depending on how many accounts you have, you may be prompted to reply MORE.
You send: BAL

Our reply:
Associated Banking Alerts

Balance @ 8/15/13 4:06P

Checking1: $500
Checking 2: $750
Savings: $1,200

Reply MORE
Msg&data rates may apply
Reply HELP for help
HIST <nickname> Transaction History - Returns a list of transactions for the account nickname you specified. Reply MORE for additional transactions.

(see chart below for information about transaction abbreviations)
You send: HIST Checking1

Our reply:
Associated Banking Alerts

HIST Checking1
8/15/13 4:12P

8/14/13 DEP +$1500.00
8/13/13 POS -$14.57

Reply MORE
Msg&data rates may apply
Reply HELP for help
ATM <address>
BRANCH <address>
BOTH <address>
ATM/Branch Locator - Returns the address of the closest ATM and/or branch to the location you specified. Will also include phone number for branches. Reply MORE for additional locations.

Search types:
  • ZIP Code: ATM 55104 (returns ATMs near 55104)
  • City/State: BRANCH Chicago, IL (returns branches in Chicago, IL)
  • Street: BOTH 200 N Adams St, Green Bay, WI (returns branch locations which have an ATM near this street address in Green Bay)
You send: BRANCH 54115

Our reply:
Associated Banking Alerts

1003 Main Ave
De Pere, WI

Reply MORE
Msg&data rates may apply
Reply HELP for help
(or NEXT)
Additional Information - Returns additional transaction history for the same account nickname following the HIST command.

Returns additional ATMs and/or branches for the specified location following ATM, BRANCH or BOTH commands.
See Transaction History and ATM/Branch Locator examples above.
HELP Help - Returns a short list of common instructions, support information and how to cancel the service. You send: HELP

Our reply:
Associated Banking Alerts

HIST nicknm
ATM address

Reply STOP to cancel
Msg&data rates may apply
Msg freq based on acct sttngs
Info: 800-682-4989 for help
STOP Stop - Deactivates your mobile device and removes it from the Associated Bank Mobile service. You send: STOP

Our reply:
Associated Banking Alerts

This device has been deactivated from Associated Bank Mobile

Call 800-682-4989 for help

Abbreviations used in the HIST command responses:
ATM ATM Deposit or Withdrawal
CDT Account Credit
CHK Check
CSH Cash Withdrawal
DBT Account Debit
DDP Direct Deposit
DEP Deposit
INT Interest
OTH Other Transaction
SCH Service Charge
PMT Electronic Payment
POS Point of Sale Debit or Credit
XFR Transfer

Here’s how it works:

  • All text messages will be sent from 222246 (the short code for Associated Bank Mobile), so we recommend saving this number to your device contacts.
  • Use a short account nickname for Text Banking. You will have to type this into your device each time you send us a text message to request transaction history.

To change your account nicknames, sign in to Online Banking, click 'Settings' then 'Accounts'. Enter nickname in 'Nickname' field and simply click 'Save'

Have questions or need help?

See our  or call our Customer Care Center at 800-682-4989 (available 24 hours a day, seven days a week).

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* Associated Bank Mobile is available for personal accounts. Associated Bank does not charge a fee to use our mobile banking and text banking services. Message and data rates may apply. Check your carrier plan for details. Visit for Associated Bank Mobile Terms and Conditions.

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