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Personal Unsecured Loans

Personal Loans

Looking for an auto loan or for a personal loan to fund a project or endeavor? Let us help you get the loan you need.

personal unsecured loans

Cover major expenses with unsecured personal loans and lines of credit. You’ll appreciate affordable rates and discounts as an Associated Bank checking customer. And, for peace of mind, add an overdraft protection line of credit to your Associated Bank Checking account.

Explore our personal loan options

As you go through life, your financial needs change. And Associated Bank is here to help—with quick, clear answers and the right personal loans for your situation.

Short- and long-term loans and credit lines to fit your needs
Fixed-rate loans and adjustable-rate loans to fit your budget
No hidden fees or surprises
24/7/365 Customer Care Center

Whether you’re buying a vehicle, furnishing a home, covering an unexpected expense or financing a long-held dream, Associated Bank meets your needs efficiently, without hassle.

Apply for an auto loan

Start your search for a new or used car at Associated Bank. We offer educational resources to make the car-buying process less stressful. Let us help you into your new car with our competitive-rate loans.

First, decide what kind of vehicle you need. What you choose is entirely up to you, but a little red sports car is probably unwise if you drive clients around or ferry four kids to soccer games. Similarly, think hard before you pay extra for a four-wheel drive sports utility vehicle if it seldom snows where you live and your only off-road driving is in shopping mall parking lots.

Consider, too, whether a late-model used car, costing thousands of dollars less than a new vehicle, would meet your needs. The biggest cost in owning a new car is depreciation, with some new cars dropping in value by as much as 20% in the first year on the road.

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