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Portfolio Mortgages

Let us customize your mortgage.

Here’s a way for you to enjoy a custom home loan with the most attractive terms. It’s called a Portfolio Mortgage, because we hold it in our own investment portfolio. Associated has been making these loans for over a century, and our experience is second to none.

Consider the advantages:

  • Initial interest rates are lower than traditional fixed rate home loans
  • You’ll enjoy a guaranteed interest rate up to 10 years
  • A Portfolio Mortgage gives you the most home for a low initial payment
  • Get local loan servicing—prompt and reassuring
  • No prepayment penalty; you can make extra payments or pay off the loan early
  • Find a location near you: we even have Sunday hours in our supermarket locations
  • Access our 24/7 Customer Care Center

An Associated Portfolio Mortgage could be your best fit.


Apply now or ask us about the benefits of an Associated Portfolio Mortgage. Call 866-536-3222 or visit a branch location near you today.



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