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Important Message

Home Equity Line of Credit

Put your equity to work. Establish a revolving line of credit. Plans for a new kitchen, debt consolidation or tuition payments? You decide.

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View our complete Account Agreement and Disclosure Document. For advisory services, view our firm brochure, Form ADV Part 2A.

SECURITIES AND ADVISORY SERVICES ARE OFFERED BY ASSOCIATED INVESTMENT SERVICES, INC. (AIS), member FINRA ( and SIPC (, d/b/a Associated Investment Services Group in Minnesota. Advisory services may not be available in all locations. AIS is an affiliate of Associated Banc-Corp (AB-C). "Associated" is a marketing name used by AB-C for AIS and other affiliates.

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Investor Education: Market Volatility
Financial markets frequently experience periods of high volatility. During these periods, stock prices in particular may fluctuate drastically due in part to heavy volume. With the continued growth of online investing, investors need to take on additional responsibility. When placing trades, particularly when financial markets are volatile, investors must be aware of potential risks, including the fact that prices may change significantly and very quickly.

Potential Delays
At times, market activity can increase so quickly that market quotes and trade processing can not keep up with rapidly changing stock prices. During such volatility, trading destinations and Market Makers may execute orders manually or reduce their size guarantees, resulting in possible delays in order execution that can cause losses. Extra care should be taken when entering orders during volatile periods. Executions may be delayed and can occur at prices significantly different than those quoted or displayed when orders were entered. Market orders are subject to execution at the current market price, and therefore run the risk of executing at prices substantially different than the prices quoted at the time of entry. Market orders can seldom be canceled. Therefore, when attempting to cancel an order, please verify that the order was canceled before entering a new one. Remember that cancellations are subject to prior execution; delays in reporting may expose you to the risk of double executions. The use of limit orders, which are executed only at a specific price or better, can help protect clients during market volatility.

Please keep in mind that the Internet is not a direct link to the exchanges or other market centers. Trades submitted through Associated Investment Services Online are sent to our trading desk and reviewed. Once approved, each order is then routed to our clearing firm, National Financial Services LLC, to the appropriate market for execution. At times, Internet traffic can be heavy, causing slow response times or outages. If you have trouble accessing your account, please call 800-595-7722.

Disclosure of Order Routing Practices
View our SEC Rule 606 quarterly order routing practices report. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Margin Disclosure Statement
View the Margin Disclosure Statement. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)



Home Equity Line of Credit

Put your equity to work. Establish a revolving line of credit. Plans for a new kitchen, debt consolidation or tuition payments? You decide.

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