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Contactless Debit Card FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

01. How do contactless payments work?

Contactless payments use wireless technology to quickly and securely complete payments between a contactless-enabled card or payment-enabled device, like your mobile phone, and a contactless-enabled terminal. When you tap your contactless card at an enabled terminal, your payment is immediately sent for authorization.

02. Why is Associated Bank using contactless technology for debit cards?

Associated Bank is committed to providing best-in-class service to our customers. Contactless-enabled debit cards provide a faster, easier and more secure payment experience anywhere contactless payments are accepted.
This technology enables you to make fast, convenient, and secure payments without swiping or inserting, and by simply tapping your contactless-enabled card anywhere contactless payments are accepted.

03. Are contactless payments safe?

Yes, contactless payments are made utilizing the latest security features. Enhanced chip security and unique security codes for each transaction, along with Associated Bank Debit Mastercard® Zero Liability Protection*, help keep you and your payments safe.

04. How many merchants accept contactless payments?

Contactless cards are becoming the standard for debit and credit cards in the U.S. Many businesses already accept contactless technology, with increasing numbers expected in the next few years. More than 70 of the top 100 merchants in the U.S. currently have contactless-enabled terminals at their checkouts.

05. How do I know if a merchant is contactless-enabled?

Tap your card wherever you see the contactless symbol at the checkout. Many businesses are currently contactless-enabled, with many more expected in the next few years.

06. Will I still be able to swipe or insert my new card at merchants who don’t accept contactless cards?

Yes. You can still swipe or insert your card to complete transactions with merchants who don’t have contactless payment terminals.

07. What if I don’t want to use the contactless feature?

Contactless-enabled cards are becoming the standard for debit cards in the U.S., so as of August 2019, all new Associated Bank Debit Mastercards® received in the mail or printed at your nearest Associated Bank location will offer a contactless payment feature. You can  still choose to use the swipe or insert option with your contactless card if you prefer to make your purchases that way.

* Transactions are protected by federal law and Mastercard’s Zero Liability. Transactions you did not authorize should be reported to us promptly. We ask that you assist us in our investigation as needed. Certain limitations apply. Go to for more details.

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