Email and Text Alerts

When it comes to your money, account alerts are a simple way to manage your accounts on the go and help you avoid surprises. When there’s activity on an account, you’ll know about it via email or text*, without having to sign in to Online Banking or Associated Mobile Banking.

Stay a few steps ahead by setting up customizable account alerts. To get started, sign in to Online Banking, click the Alerts tab and then Set Up a New Alert. From this screen, you can customize your alert preferences. Here are some examples of the alerts that are available.

Transaction Alerts
Deposit Made Sent when a deposit exceeds your specified amount.
Overdraft Protection Transfer Made Sent after an Overdraft Protection Transfer has been made. Tip: use one of the Low Balance Threshold alerts to help prevent your available balance from falling below zero.
Transaction Exceeded Threshold Sent when a transaction exceeds your specified threshold.
Transaction Posted Sent when a transaction of a specific value posts to your account.
Scheduled Transaction History Update Sends your transaction history at a specified frequency. Text and email alerts will contain the last three transactions.
Scheduled Transfer Reminder Sends a reminder a specified number of days before your scheduled transfer is made.
Withdrawal Made Sent when a withdrawal exceeds your specified amount.
Balance Alerts
Above Balance Threshold Sent when your available balance goes above your specified amount.
Low Balance Threshold Sent when your available balance falls below your specified amount.
Low Balance Threshold with Transfer Option Same as the Low Balance Threshold Alert above, but also allows you to reply via text message to transfer funds.
Scheduled Balance Update Sends your balance information at a specified frequency.
Message Alerts
New Message Available Sent when a new secure message is available.
Fraud Alerts
Account Locked Sent when your online and mobile access has been locked.
Contact Information Change Sent when your contact information or email address has been changed.
Password Change Sent when your password has been changed.
Username Change Sent when your username has been changed.

Note: It could take up to one business day for your first alert to arrive. All customers automatically receive Fraud Alerts when applicable. If you suppress paper statements to enjoy the benefits of eStatements, you will receive an alert when your statement is ready.

*Associated Mobile Banking® is available for personal accounts. Associated Bank does not charge a fee to use our mobile banking and text banking services. Text “HELP” to 2222246 for help. Text “STOP” to 222246 to cancel. Message and data rates may apply. Check your carrier plan for details.

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