Long-Term CDs

If you are looking for a secure investment, long-term CDs may be a good fit for your portfolio. Use several CDs and stagger the terms to make cash regularly available. Or, open an IRA CD for your retirement savings.

Guarantees a fixed rate of return over a set time period.

Provides the security of FDIC insurance, up to the full legal limit.*

A better interest rate than a savings or money market account.

Open a long-term CD today.

Questions about Long-Term CDs?

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  • Visit a location near you and talk to one of our experienced bankers.

*Bank deposits are insured to at least $250,000 per depositor by the FDIC. Higher coverage may be available depending on factors such as different ownership categories. Deposits held in certain retirement accounts (e.g., IRAs) are added together, and the total is insured up to $250,000 per owner. Visit www.FDIC.gov for additional information.

Minimum balance of $5,000 required on 42-month and 61-month CDs. All Interest Rates and Annual Percentage Yields (APYs), are current as of 12/17/2014

The rate is subject to change, but once the CD is opened, the APY is fixed for the entire term. CDs are subject to early withdrawal penalty. Preferred APY requires a relationship checking account. Your certificate will automatically renew into an Associated Traditional Fixed Rate Certificate of Deposit. See an Associated Banker or your investment certificate receipt for specific information regarding the renewal term of your Certificate of Deposit.

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