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Electronic Data Interchange

Paperless Payment Information

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a standard data format that can be used to add valuable remittance detail to your ACH payments, such as invoice numbers, reference numbers, discounts, and more. To originate ACH payments that include supporting EDI data, you would transmit an EDI 820 formatted file to the bank. Associated Bank’s EDI service will validate the format of your file and use it to generate ACH CTX (Corporate Trade Exchange) transactions to your trading partners.

The advantages to making payments using EDI remittance detail are:

  • Reduced paperwork, accounts payable processing and postage costs
  • Potentially realize additional trading partner discounts due to automation of payment processing
  • Improve information exchange accuracy

Call Treasury Management Customer Care at 800-270-2707 to see how EDI can add efficiency to your accounts payable system.



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