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Transfer Funds on Your Schedule

Easily transfer funds between business checking, savings, Money Market, investment and loan accounts at Associated Bank branches, ATMs, by phone or online.

Add Precision to Funds Management

The Associated Connect® Transfers service provides an effective tool for the real-time transfer of funds between designated accounts, as well as for making loan payments and draw-downs to maintain business operations and maximize investment earnings.

Standard features of the account transfer solution include quick single-entry and multi-entry transfers, approvals, recurring transfers, transfers templates, as well as pending transfer and transfer history information.

  • Real-time transfers between designated accounts
  • Supports one-time, recurring and future-dated transfers
  • Provides for approvals, user limits and balance checks

Comprehensive transfer capabilities

The Transfers service enables users to make real-time transfers between designated accounts, including loan payments and draw-downs. This service offers easy-to-use transfer capabilities, such as recurring and future-dated transfers as well as advanced features, such as multiple “on-the-fly” transfers.

The Transfers service provides a step-by-step interface from which to make account transfers for designated demand deposit accounts (DDAs) or loan accounts. The transfer task uses a simple three-step workflow: Users define transfers on the first step, confirm amounts and dates on the second step, and view a summary of what they have done on the third step.

Users can easily save transfers that they want to use at a later time without having to create a recurring transfer. This is ideal for transfers that are frequently used but do not have a recurring transfer date.

Flexible options

Users can choose between quick entry, which provides simplified data entry for a single transfer, and multi-entry, which allows up to 25 on-the-fly entries.

The quick entry mode provides a simplified interface for making individual transfers, loan payments or loan draw-downs. Transfer instructions can be saved for future use with just a couple of clicks.

The multi-entry mode provides a powerful transfer interface for advanced users. Users can retrieve previously saved transfer information and make multiple on-the-fly transfers by dynamically adding rows to the grid.

Recurring and Future Dated Transfers

Recurring transfers feature enables users to establish frequency-based, recurring transfers. Users can add and edit recurring transfers based on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly schedule, or they can stipulate a particular day of the month.

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