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Online Stop Payment

Being able to place stop payment orders online frees your employees from having to visit a branch or spend time on the phone with customer service staff, allowing them to concentrate on running your business.

The Associated Connect® Stop Payment service provides a real-time interface for issuing single or range stop payment instructions with an option to check for duplicate stop payment instructions, paid items and paid check images.

  • Real-time, online stop payment requests without manual intervention
  • Single, multi and range stop payment options
  • Provides the ability to place and cancel stop payments for a single check or a range of checks
  • Enables users to inquire if a duplicate stop payment request exists, or if the check has already been paid and view the check image prior to placing stop pay request

Single Stop Payment

Provides a simple user interface from which users place or cancel stop payment instructions for a single check. Users can also search for paid checks and previously entered stop payment instructions without leaving the stop payment screen.

Range stop payment

The range stop feature provides users the ability to place stop payment instructions on a series of checks.

Multi-entry stop payment

The multi-entry feature offers large check issuers the ability to quickly place stop payment instructions on multiple individual checks, even non-sequential checks, using a spreadsheet format. Totaling and a preview of stops entered support reconciling and supervisory review.

Stop payment approval

Stop payment approvals feature increases your check management control. The service can be set up to require second user approval before stop instructions can be submitted.

Paid check inquiry

The paid check inquiry feature provides real-time access to determine if a check has already been paid before placing a stop payment request, improving stop payment decision-making, and saving time.

Paid check image request

The paid check image request feature provides instant online access to scanned check images and provides a cost-effective alternative to expensive faxed images. These images can be magnified, flipped and printed to allow for closer examination.

Duplicate stop payment inquiry

The duplicate stop payment inquiry feature provides the ability to search for previously entered stop payment instructions improving stop payment decision-making, and saving time.

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