Important Message
Important Message

Cancelled Check Copy

Quickly Retrieve Digital Check Images

Receive canceled check images on CD for easy storage and retrieval with Associated Bank’s Image Express.

  • Receive monthly CD-ROMs with up to 20,000 images of checks, deposit tickets and drafts
  • Search for images by check number, amount, date, or reference number
  • View image front and back from your desktop PC
  • Import images for printing, transmitting or faxing

Streamline Financial Research and Reporting

  • Find information on specific items in seconds
  • Expedite reconciliation
  • Import paid checks and deposit ticket data into a spreadsheet or accounting software

Reduce Storage Cost and Risk

CD-ROM offers more efficient, cost-effective archiving than traditional storage methods. And with manual data entry eliminated, errors are reduced.

Choose Image Express with Confidence

Associated Bank maintains duplicate images for safekeeping. If your CD-ROM is lost or damaged, we can access images and information from our archives.

To learn more, contact Treasury Management Customer Care 24 hours a day, seven days a week at 800-270-2707.



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