Information And Control

Increasing Accuracy, Efficiency and Profit

Enjoy secure access to the financial information vital to sound decision-making with a variety of banking services from Associated Bank.

Information Reporting

Associated Connect® gives you 24-hour online access to the information essential for sound decision-making and account management. Data Exchange can provide direct and automated access to account data from Associated Bank and other financial institutions worldwide.


Move cash easily between business checking, savings, Money Market, investment and loan accounts at Associated Bank.

Online Stop Payment

Control check disbursements and prevent fraud with the Associated Connect® stop payment service.


Balance accounts more efficiently, choosing the level of electronic service appropriate for your business.

Cancelled Check Copy

Our Image Express CDs deliver 20,000 transaction images each statement cycle. Quickly locate and view both sides of checks, deposit tickets and drafts from your PC.

Zero Balance Accounts

Maintain separate accounting for your divisions or locations with the advantage of automatically transferring funds between operating accounts and your master account on a daily basis, ensuring accounts are properly funded and consolidating excess cash.

Sweep Services

Excess cash in your checking account at the end of the day can be automatically invested overnight and made available as operating cash the next business day.

Cash Concentration

Using either Associated Connect® online banking or a data transmission, you can originate ACH transactions to collect and concentrate funds from outside bank accounts to your account at Associated Bank.

Electronic Data Interchange

Exchange valuable addenda such as invoice numbers and shipping information with your trading partners when you send and receive ACH payments.

*Business/Commercial - Investment Disclosures

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