Treasury Management

When you partner with Associated Bank, you tap into the resources of a multi-billion dollar regional market leader. That includes sophisticated cash management services that offer great value to your commercial customers.

Managing Receivables - We provide wholesale and retail lockbox services, ACH and electronic receivables, as well as Remote Deposit which allows your business to scan checks and transmit images to Associated Bank for secure posting and clearing.

Managing Disbursements - Associated offers numerous ways for you to disburse funds to employees, policyholders, vendors and others, depending on the specific needs of each group.

Information Reporting - Associated Bank provides 24-hour access to your organization's financial information through several services, including Associated Connect®, BAI File and Image Express® CD-ROMs, so you can manage finances at your convenience.

Fraud Prevention - Electronic payment fraud relating to unauthorized Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions has become increasingly prevalent. As a result, companies are losing billions of dollars annually due to rising check and electronic transaction fraud occurrences. It's important to protect your accounts. ACH Blocks and Filters can help as well as Positive Pay and Automated Reconciliation. Use this checklist to review your bank-related risk management processes and procedures to verify that you have the controls in place to protect your organization's finances.

Safe, Secure Information
Associated Bank's security measures are among the best in the industry. We offer strong, layered authentication to help prevent unauthorized access to your proprietary information and transactions. OOBA (Out-of-Band Authentication) provides additional, multi-factor authentication by allowing authorized users to authenticate themselves by phone.

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