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Lending Solutions

Associated Bank specializes in serving the diverse needs of community banks within the footprint of our markets. Our team of experts work exclusively with financial institutions in reaching their financial goals, including lending solutions. Associated Bank offers a variety of direct loans to Bank Holding Companies for additional capital purposes and/or to individual Directors and Senior Management to help finance their ownership needs.

Lending Options

  • Bank Holding Company Loans used for additional capital purposes, typically secured by the correspondent bank stock
    • Term loans
    • Lines of credit
  • Individual Loans to Directors and Senior Management used to finance the purchase of Bank Holding Company stock, typically secured by Bank Holding Company stock
    • Term loans
    • Lines of credit
  • Fed Funds lines of credit are set up to help with your bank’s short-term liquidity needs with the sale of Fed Funds to your bank.
    • Secured and unsecured
  • Letters of Credit (commercial and standby)
    • Issue and confirm
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Business/Commercial Disclosures



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