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Operational Services

Associated Bank’s Financial Institutions Group offers extensive practical experience and delivers high quality service and solutions such as image cash letter, cash vault and investment services while maintaining industry best practices.

Image Cash Letter Services (ICL)

As a major supplier of ICL Service for institutions located in the 7th and 9th Federal Reserve Districts for more than 50 years, we offer competitive fee structures, timely presentment and unsurpassed efficiency in handling your Image Cash Letters.

ICL is our preferred deposit medium. We offer flexible, easy to understand processes, working closely with your internal team and external vendors.


Inclearings include electronically transmitting your checks that we intercept through our network, along with checks that we pick up from the Fed, to you for both posting and/or image retention. Inclearings also include the special handling of rejected items and the processing of returned checks. We will provide you with the ability to view images of your deposited checks directly online, further increasing your productivity and eliminating costly time-consuming storage and the retrieval of paper.

  • Accelerated funds availability
  • Data transmissions
  • Image transmissions
  • Returns
  • Re-deposits

Remote Deposit

With Remote Deposit, our financial institution partners can deposit checks electronically, right from their office.

  • Eliminate or reduce courier costs by scanning and depositing checks electronically
  • Improve availability by extending deposit cut-off time for same-day credit
  • Assure quality control and reduce errors
  • Reduce deposit preparation costs and risks
  • Simplify deposit reconciliation

Image Express

An addition or alternative to online service, Image Express is an inexpensive choice for permanent retention of images. We provide transaction data monthly via CD ROM of:

  • On-Us items from your financial institution based on your R/T number
  • Deposited items imaged from your Transit Letter
  • Specific customer items based on their account number with you

Cash Vault Services

Our coin and currency operations help financial institutions maintain appropriate vault inventory, thus reducing the risk and costs of holding excess cash in your vaults.

  • Send currency and coin in specific denominations
  • Accept coin/currency, including mutilated currency and foreign currency
  • Deliver next day
  • Provide new and special coin/currency upon request

Fed Funds

We provide traditional Fed Funds services to meet your bank’s short-term liquidity needs.

  • For a minimum of $100,000, transactions can be executed quickly and conveniently through the client’s DDA.
  • If your account exceeds a target balance, the system will sweep excess balances into a Fed Funds sold position.


We provide cost-effective safekeeping services for our Financial Institution clients. Key features include:

  • Secure, on-line access to safekeeping accounts and statements
  • Ability to view asset holdings, account activity and reports on a real-time basis
  • Timely processing of principal and interest payments
  • Trade settlement
  • Ability to pledge assets

Additional Operational Services

  • Home Banking Image Access
  • Check Collection

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