Customized Lending Solution

Strategic financing for key objectives
Drive performance with financing solutions that support your corporate strategy. Choose Associated Bank for responsive service and a full suite of lending solutions.
  • Support business growth. Manage day-to-day cash flow, add inventory, upgrade equipment and make other investments in your business to achieve your goals.
  • Expand through mergers and acquisitions. Let our our highly experienced Relationship Managers help you assess potential acquisitions and structure financing to fit your strategy. We offer conventional financing as well as high-leverage solutions.
  • Finance commercial real estate. Explore our comprehensive commercial real estate lending solutions for every phase of your project.
  • Meet unique industry needs. Associated offers custom financing solutions for businesses with industry-specific needs, such as oil and gas companies, healthcare firms and public funding organizations.

Term Loans and Lines of Credit
Work with your relationship manager to determine the most appropriate options, and count on our efficient credit process for fast response. Products include:

  • C&I Term Loan
  • Non-Revolving Line of Credit
  • Revolving Line of Credit
  • CRE Term Loan
  • CRE Non-Revolving Line of Credit

Equipment Leasing

Improve efficiency and competitiveness with upgraded equipment. Flexible leasing options include up to 100% financing.

Asset-Based Lending

Gain financial flexibility with this alternative to conventional financing, securing credit with the value of business equipment, inventory, property and other assets.

Loan Syndications

Draw on the resources of multiple banks to raise larger amounts of capital, paying less than for multiple lines of credit.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) Lending

Gain tax advantages and essential liquidity when you offer employees the opportunity to purchase stock in your business.

Commercial Real Estate Financing

Finance every phase of commercial real estate projects including retail, office, industrial, multi-family and other income-producing properties.

Specialized Lending

Meet the financial needs unique to your industry — oil and gas, power, healthcare, insurance, public funding and others.

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