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Nonqualified Plans

Rewarding Key Employees

Executives and highly compensated employees frequently experience a retirement funding gap. They contribute the maximum to their 401(k), but that amount falls far short of their expectations for retirement income.

Offer these employees benefits beyond the qualified plan with the Encompass Plus Program from Associated.

  • Choose from a variety of nonqualified plans, including but not limited to phantom stock plans; elective deferral plans, in which employees defer compensation; and Supplemental Executive Retirement Plans (SERPs), funded by the employer

  • Reward key employees with tax-favored benefits to fill the savings gap

  • Align compensation and incentives with long-term business goals

  • Strengthen ties between the employee and the organization

Satisfying Complex Requirements

Protect your organization and your key employees from penalties and unnecessary taxes. Make sure your nonqualified plan complies with tax, funding and distribution requirements. Associated Benefit and Risk Consulting can help you create a plan that’s in full compliance—and that achieves your business objectives.

Call Associated to structure and manage your retirement plan benefits today.

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