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Defined Contribution

Encouraging Employees to Save

Defined contribution plans let employees set aside pre-tax salary dollars in their own retirement account, typically investing in funds chosen by the employer. Contributions and any earnings grow tax-deferred.

Work with Associated to structure your defined contribution plan:

  • 401(k) plans, the most common qualified plan. Employers can match employee contributions up to a specified amount.

  • 403(b) plans, similar to 401(k)s, for public sector employees. These generally do not include an employer match.

  • Roth options within these plans, enabling employees to contribute after-tax dollars.

Educating to Increase Participation

To help employees understand and make the most of their retirement plan choices, Associated provides complete education and communication services:

  • Custom-designed education on financial planning and investing

  • Asset allocation assistance for plan participants

  • Personalized employee benefits communication booklets

  • Enrollment meetings and custom enrollment kits

  • Plan document and summary plan description services

Ensuring ERISA Compliance

Individuals who handle retirement plan funds generally must be covered by an ERISA bond, a fidelity bond intended to protect the plan against loss from dishonesty and fraud. We can help your organization meet ERISA bonding requirements, including determining bond amounts.

Call Associated to structure and manage your retirement plan benefits today.

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