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Health Savings Accounts



Health Savings Accounts

Resources for You and Your Employees

Health Savings Accounts work along with a high-deductible health plan to offer benefits for both employees and employers.

  • Employees put aside money in a tax-advantaged account for qualified medical expenses.
  • The HSA is coupled with a high-deductible health plan, reducing health insurance premiums.
  • Employees and employers can contribute to the HSA and gain tax benefits.
  • Employees can invest their savings in mutual funds offered through the HSA Plus online portal, increasing potential return.
  • Employees own the account, even if they leave the company.

Associated makes it easy for employees to manage their HSA accounts at Associated Bank.

Health Savings Account Enrollment

To begin the enrollment process, please click on the HSA Plus link on our main webpage. You can find it by clicking on the User ID box for online banking, and then select HSA Plus from the dropdown menu.

Investment Account Disclosures

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