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Trustee Services and Fiscal Agents

Lighten your Administrative Load

Let Associated Institutional Trust Services handle responsibilities associated with your bond issue. We can serve in a variety of capacities:

Paying Agent

Authorize Associated to pay the principal (and premium, if any) and interest on debt securities to the bondholders on your behalf. We also handle reporting of certain tax information.

Fiscal Agent

Streamline your operations, letting us handle the responsibilities of disbursing bond interest and maturity payments.

Indenture Trustee

As trustee on fixed-rate and variable rate bonds for various bond issues, Associated ensures bondholders receive payments. We also take on administrative duties, which may include:

  • Authenticating bond certificates
  • Ensuring issuer/obligor performs its obligations
  • Monitoring principal and interest payments
  • Communicating with investors
  • Administering other required funds such as debt reserve, sinking fund and construction fund

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