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USDA Loans

To find a guaranteed loan from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, call Associated Bank.

The government guaranteed USDA loan program is open to individuals, corporations, cooperatives, partnerships, and other for-profit and nonprofit entities, public and private. Loans can be used for an array of purposes: business and industrial startups, acquisitions, construction, conversion, expansion, repair, refinancing, permanent working capital, pollution control and more.

Business and Industry (B&I) loans are for rural areas, defined as cities, towns and their surrounding areas with populations under 50,000, with priority for rural communities with populations under 25,000.

USDA Community Facilities Loan Programs

Rural communities can also use USDA loans for projects like water management, hospitals or fire and safety initiatives. These loans are open to communities with populations under 20,000, including municipalities, counties and special-purpose districts, as well as non-profit corporations and tribal governments. Grants are also available, with priority for applicants in small communities with low incomes.

Rural Community Development Initiative

These loans are used to develop the capacity and ability of private, nonprofit, community-based housing and community development organizations and low-income rural communities

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