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Tax Payments

One-stop service for electronic tax payments.

Associated Bank’s Business Tax Manager provides one-stop service for electronic tax payments to federal, state and local governments. Make payments on schedule and receive real-time confirmation for your records, with 24/7/365 customer service and technical support.

Did you know ?

Convenient options simplify tax payments. You can pay your taxes online, or you can use our Business Tax Manager's automated touch-tone phone system. Flexible scheduling lets you enter payment details two to 30 days ahead of the due date.

Secure system helps keep data confidential

Business Tax Manager operates in a high-security facility with a C2 government rating for its automated information systems and processing networks. Whatever payment method you choose, state-of-the-art technology helps to ensure your tax payments are processed securely.

Access to the system is controlled through your confidential access code and password/Personal Identification Number (PIN). Your bank account information remains confidential. There is no disclosure of your banking information to the federal government during the course of transaction processing.

Updates support multiple payment types

Business Tax Manager complies with federal, state and local requirements. It handles 1,700 types of taxes across 175 jurisdictions and is updated regularly.

Features and benefits
Receive real-time payment confirmation for your records
A federal confirmation number is provided for all EFTPS payments
A printable and downloadable payment history is available at any time for Internet users

Call 800-270-2707

Customer Care Center, available 24/7/365

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