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Zero Balance Account ZBA at Associated Bank

Zero Balance Accounts (ZBA)

Improve control over payments and minimize idle balances with Associated Bank's zero balance accounts (ZBA).

  • Make payments or collect deposits from one or more ZBA sub-accounts throughout the day.
  • At the close of each business day, the master account sweeps money into or out of the ZBA
    sub-accounts to bring the balance back to zero.
  • Each month you receive statements for the master account and each ZBA sub-account.


  • Consolidate your company's cash into one primary account.
  • Make internal transfers automatically, eliminating balance-juggling among your Associated Bank accounts.
  • Simplify account reconciliation.
  • ZBA can be combined with an investment sweep account* or loan sweep to minimize idle funds.
  • Get access to your account information 24/7 with Associated Connect® .

Flexibility Plus Simplicity

Use your ZBA to streamline payroll or general disbursements, as well as deposit collection. Let your Associated Bank Relationship Manager help you set up ZBAs to meet your business’s cash flow requirements.

To learn more about opening a Zero Balance Account (ZBA), call Treasury Management Customer Care 24 hours a day, seven days a week, at 800-270-2707.

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