Current Debit Card Scam

In this scam, when someone answers their phones they hear a recorded message claiming to be from MasterCard ® that warns them that their debit card is locked and to press 1 to be transferred to the security department. They are then directed to enter their debit card and pin information using the phone's keypad which is then captured by the scammers.

If you feel you have been affected or have any questions please contact our Customer Care at 800-642-4989, especially if you have disclosed any of their information.

Vishing is a scam much like phishing, where a scammer attempts to trick a victim into giving personal information to an unauthorized party. In this case, it is done via voice message (live, computer, or recorded).

Vishing example

This audio clip is from an actual vishing scam that targeted customers and the general public in August 2010. It’s typical of many different vishing scams. The computer generated message was followed by a prompt to enter credit or debit card information via the phone’s keypad.

The poor quality of the audio is typical of scams like this.

Customers who divulge their information risk losing funds in their accounts, identity theft, and more. All banks are vulnerable to such attacks.

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