SMSishing is a scam much like phishing or vishing, but uses mobile phone text messages to convince people into divulging personal information to scammers. The messages may attempt to entice you to click on links, call phone numbers, or respond to text messages.

SMSishing Example

This is an example of a SMSishing that targeted Associated Bank customers and the general public.

SMSishing example.

This audio clip is from an actual SMSishing scam that targeted customers and the general public in May 2013. It’s the type of message you would hear if you called the number in a fraudulent text message (actual credit card number was edited from the recording). The computer generated message was followed by a prompt to enter credit or debit card information via the phone’s keypad.

Customers who divulge their information risk losing funds in their accounts, identity theft, and more. All banks are vulnerable to such attacks.

Customers who have been affected by SMSishing should report it to Customer Care ( or call 800-682-4989.

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