User ID & Password

Your userID and password are your “keys” to your financial accounts. You should protect them as you would other very important pieces of information. Avoid sharing this information or writing it down.

Associated Bank will never ask for a customer's personal or account information, or credit card information over the phone, via email, or the Internet if the customer did not initiate the contact. We will never ask for your password in any way. You should never share this information unless you are sure with whom you are dealing. If you are ever in doubt about legitimacy, hang up (or cease communication), and call the number on the back of your credit/debit card, or as printed on your financial statement.

Tip: Never re-use your password from site to site. Your important passwords (like those used for banking) should only be used in one place. That way, if another site experiences a security issue, your passwords for other services are safe.

We recommend that you change your password from time to time, and customize your userID to something very unique. This can be done anytime in your online banking account under "self service" preferences. Your userID should not be something that is personally identifiable, like your Social Security Number.

You should avoid using online banking services from shared computers that are not under your control and are untrusted, like those found in hotels, libraries, or Internet cafes. These systems may be unsafe, as they could be affected by a variety of security issues.

Business customers should be especially vigilant, and use existing business online banking features that allow for multiple users with differing roles and dual controls over processing.

If you have released any information improperly or believe you may have compromised account information, please immediately report it to Customer Care ( or call 800-682-4989. You may also use the reporting fraud link on this site.

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